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Nate Bahr, Brewmaster

Nate is a local born Milwaukee man who started brewing professionally at Lakefront Brewery in 2013. He learned that he loved brewing in 2009 when he started home brewing. He has a passion for German style lagers, American IPA’s, sours and well, pretty much all beer except Oyster Stouts.

In his free time, Nate enjoys hanging out with his kids and having fun. Words to live by, "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes!"

Mike Biddick, Associate Brewmaster

Mike started brewing at Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro, NC three years ago. He accepted the job with the Bavarian Bierhaus because he was excited about brewing Lagers, which is our main style of beer. His favorite style to drink include IPA, German style Lagers and anything that doesn’t taste horrible!

Mike enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset and firmly believes that life is too short to drink bad beer.

Tours & Tastings

Join us for weekly brewery tours and enjoy a discounted flight of beer or liter of beer for participating. We will also plan special tastings and dinners throughout the year. Check our event calendar and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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Brewing Process


Malt Milling- Malt is added to a mill where it is cracked and opened. This allows the natural starches to come out when added to water. The cracked malt or grist, is then put on a conveyor and moved to the Mash Tun.


Mash Tun- The grist is mixed with heated water to extract starches that convert to sugar. This process takes an hour or two and during this time, temperatures can vary depending on the style of beer.


Lauter Tun- The mixture is then moved to the Lauter Tun for the "Lautering " process. The tun has a false bottom that allows the spent grains to remain as the liquid is pushed back into the Mash Tun for the next step.


Cooking- The mixture is now called "wort". It is basically a sugar water. Hops are added at this point for flavor and the wort is left to boil. At the end of the process, hops could be added again for a stronger aroma.


Whirlpool- The wort is moved to the whirlpool that uses centrifugal force to separate all hops and remaining husks from malt from the wort.


Heat Exchanger- The wort then goes through a rapid cooling in the heat exchanger or chiller and moved to the fermenting tank


Bright Beer Tank or Fermenter- In the fermenter, the brewmaster will add yeast to immediately start the conversion from wort to beer. The wort will stay there for a period appropriate to the style of beer being produced. Remember, ales will stay in the fermenter for a much shorter time than lagers. The tank is temperature controlled.


Filtering and Serving- Once the "Bright Beer" is complete, it gets filtered. This will remove the yeast. The style of beer will determine how much filtering is done. It is possible not to filter at all. This gives a cloudy and almost smoky taste. The beer is moved to serving tanks or kegs and is ready to drink! Prost!

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