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Did you know? That EVERY ingredient we use to make our beer comes directly from Germany?! It's True! Visit the Bierhaus today for an Authentic German Brew.

On Tap

Our fresh brewed Bierhaus beers on tap!

Mike's Rye PL

Developed in the mind of Asst. Brewmaster Mike this hop forward American IPA boasts a strong 60 IBUs is made with 30% rye malt giving it a spicy earthy flavor, finished with citrusy Pacific Northwest Cascade and pungent Simcoe hops.

7.3% ABV 60 IBU
Unkel Dunkel

Dunkel literally translates to "Dark" Lager, but don’t let the name fool you if you are one of those people who says "I don’t like dark beers…" This Dark Lager is smooth and dangerously delicious with a delicate malt forward backbone and a clean finish reminiscent of Munich’s favorite beer for centuries.

5.5% ABV 25 IBU
Anvil Polka Pils
Anvil Polka Pils

Golden Traditional Pilsner

4.5% ABV 27 IBU
Schmutzig Helles Lager

Unfiltered Golden Traditional Lager

5.2% ABV 20 IBU
Haus Hefeweizen

Fruity with notes of Bananas and Cloves

5.6% AVB 12 IBU
Ornery Brewer IPA

Hoppy, Fruity, Assertive

6% AVB 60 IBU
Hofbrauhaus Freising Dunkel Weiss

Creamy, Caramel, Banana, Balanced

ABV 5.4%
Bells & Chains

Barrel Aged Doppelbock, Malty, Boozy, Sure to keep you warm.

9.5% ABV
St. Nikolausbockbier

Dark, Rich, Malty, Sneakily Smooth

8.9% ABV
Haus Apfel Cider

Crisp & Dry

6% ABV

Seasonal & Specialties

Serenity Now Pale Ale

Unfiltered, Citrusy, Balanced

5.5% ABV 44 IBU
Weihenstephan Original Lager

Fresh, Mild Hops, Flavorful

5.1% ABV 21 IBU